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Divan Beds

Of the many types of beds available, divan beds are the most popular. Divan beds are very adaptable and can be used in almost any situation. They are ideal for small bedrooms or for the most luxurious of bedrooms. They also have one very big advantage over other types of beds, in that they nearly always include extra storage space built into the base of the bed, making excellent use of all the space in the bedroom.

Divan beds are made from a wooden box construction and covered in a matching or complimentary fabric, they can also include a sprung base which will give the mattress extra support and comfort although these type of bases are generally found in the more expensive Divans. In single divan beds there are usually two but in double beds the four storage drawers are found two on each side. When looking at the storage drawers it is well worth considering to choose ones that are designed with smaller drawers at the head of the bed. This will allow them to be opened even if there are bedside tables adjacent to the bed head. Some Divan beds have the facility of being able to lift the complete base of the bed, this making the whole of the underneath of the bed available for storage.