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Divan Bed Bases

Divan style bases are the most popular of all bed bases and come in a multitude of fabric options. They are usually UK made and are specifically constructed to take the weight of mattresses and provide a consistent flat surface, at the correct height,  for the mattress to be laid upon.

Quality divan bases are sturdy, well constructed, robust and add storage options in the form of drawers. The drawer configurations enable storage away from prying eyes and are neat and tidy in appearance.

Drawer options within the divan base are very popular with two or four drawers the usual choice although large end drawers or continental versions are also available.

The divan is a wooden box(s) that is then covered in wadding/padding and then upholstered in various fabrics. There are then two options for divan bases which relate to whether you want spring in it or for it to be a platform top. They come in one or two parts and take minimal assembly. Once they have been connected and a headboard added.